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As we all know it, the purpose of Photo images is to capture still life and its environs, and never goes any further than that. If something is not in the image then its not in the description. Vector illustrations on the other hand go further into details, they enable the person to explain themselves to others in very crystal clear terms. If you have an idea in mind that you find difficult to describe, simply put it into Vectors and People instantly understand what you are talking about. Vector Images are the key to internet communication. Take for instance the following illustrations..


Its look good on the outside, its very bright and the weather is very good, why don’t you pick up your microlight and lets fly into the clouds,

You walk past a corner and you come across these bunch of fellows who seem to be very busy doing something interesting, they invite you to join them, you place a bet then, Whoalah! Your hard earned cash is gone, what can you do now? There is no turning back. Con men are everywhere.

The Good Olden days of theater performance should be brought back to life, there is nothing fulfilling and enriching as watching a live theater performance.

Food is ready, just look at the menu, so which dish do you want? Chicken Roast or Whole eggs? Best Foods ever, very fresh from the farm.

She was randomly digging the ground to hide a precious box when she stumbles into this rare fossils, “Oh my… I have become an explorer.” PUFF! PUFF!. Keep digging for more.

Oh sorry for not calling you back, just caught up in a whirlwind of sorts. You have no idea what I go through everyday at my office, we are bombarded everyday by customer calls, Fax and emails, I have been very busy recently, just wanted to check up on you. Phew!

If you make a cave man angry he surely will squash your head with his Giant Club. With that simple primitive device he has protected himself from very large and overpowering predators,  he may be primitive but very very dangerous.

Won’t the world be a better place if everyone had a robot servant? Your good friend that does all you household chores without supervision, one that is diligent, always on time and never tires.

What about doing some cross country Skiing? Go up to the highest of the mountains then swoop down like a hawk, EXHILARATING INDEED!

Those Cute little nestlings in the skies,  when you hear the morning birds sing, that sweet sound you can’t ever resist, “CUCKOO’S CALLING”

The strongest of the strongest grapple one another in the field and it’s the grass on the ground that gets hurt, don’t push it too hard boys or else you might otherwise tear one another into pieces.


Man and his best friend will never part ways, no matter what happens, their bond will take them to heights never thought of before, even if his master deceives him this loyal friend will follow his commands no matter what.

I have two neighbors that hate each other so much that they would Fire Bombs at each other if they had a chance to do so,  they plot great evil against each other, For God’s Sake Please Love Your neighbor.

Put all Sockets and electric Power Cables out of reach of Your Children. Naked wires hanging around the house are Lethal HotSpots for your little loved ones.

Let us row around the lake, far far away into the distance we will go. Further away behind the mountains we will set up our tent. The summer season is here, lets us all enjoy the lake.

Up and down goes the little wheels, the screech on the ramp as the juniors make out their afternoon free time. Skating is not just a sport, but an adventure packed undertaking, an Adrenalin Junkie!

Every time you wake up in the morning you need to do a little bit of stretching just to make sure that your body doesn’t age quickly, Stretch! Stretch!  Stretch! like a rubber band!

Very quiet in the operation theater, the Surgeon has in hand his favorite tools and has a life to save, just like any other profession, the risks involved are very very great. Keep stitching up that broken belly doctor. You have no idea how his family will be overjoyed to see him on his feet.

Don’t be a bootlicker, don’t let others push you around as they please, for you are also a human being just as they are, you have rights as well, never throw away your dignity to a disrespectful folk.

Your excellent performance is what pushes you to the top, you re promoted and your coworkers are very happy with you, its what inspires them, they prepare a party for you and throw you up  in jubilation. KEEP UP THE GOOD PERFORMANCE BOY! KEEP UP!

Ahem! I have become an environmentalist, and I now speak for the trees, the trees are tired of being cut down, they have picked up their tools and ready to enact their revenge on man. You have been cutting us mercilessly all along, now its your turn, “come here you bogus creature!”

When you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders, don’t freak out or mess things up, you got to man up,  tackle your issues without flinching, and move on with life, the strongest man in the world is he who stands alone. Never say die.

These above are just an example what vectors can do. the list goes on and on forever, why don’t you check out what we have in store for you, you can use them for whatever design or campaign project you would like to…


Our Amazing Products!

A collection of Vectors from a wide range of careers backgrounds such as, Flying and aviation Careers, Medical Careers, Agriculture and Farming Careers, FireFighting and FireBrigade, Law Enforcement,Photography and Filming Business, Special talent/Skill Professions etc.

Careers vectors

Professions in Most Poplular Sports fields such as;

Ball Games, Athletic and Olympic Sports, Racing Sports, Fighting and Wrestling Sports, Snow and Ice Sports, Extreme Sports, Shooting Sports, etc.

sports vectors

A mega collection of vectors encompassing our entire portfolio, that includes Careers Vectors Collection, Sports Vector Collections and many more topics from the Fitness and exercise, Common objects and tools, Peoples and cultures, Holidays and leisure, transport, military and warfare, Weather and Climate, Mammals, Pets, Medical, Feelings and emotional expressions, Education and Academics etc…

mega pack

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Some other topics in the collection


The beautiful birds of paradise…



Bugs we humans usually encounter every day in our day today lives such as Cockroach, mosquito, termite, flee, bee, fly, bedbug, etc.


Things in our daily lives we usually associate with education and learning such as, Books, studying, book worm, study time etc.


Vectors related to foodstuffs, such as dining, dinner, breakfast, lunch, café etc.


Politics and World affairs e.g  Globazation, Geopolitics, Colonialism etc,





social and legal issues

history and archeology



agriculture and farming

tribal art

fitness and exercise

military and warfare

music and entertainment

the wild west

communication technology and its history

air transport

arabia and the middle east

wishes, dreams and imaginations

common land animals

prehistoric peoples


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Full List of Professions included.

Careers and Professions Vectors

Acrobat, Actor, Aircraft Crew, Animal Trainer, Archaeologist, Architect, Artist, Assassin, Astronomer, Astronaut, Author, Baby Sitter, Baker, Ballet Dancer, Bank Robber, Barber, Bartender, Belly Dancer, Biologist, Blacksmith, Bricklayer, Bus Driver, Businessman, Butcher, Carpenter, Cashier, Cheerleader, Chef, Chemist, Civil Engineers, Cleaner, Clown, Coach, Construction Worker, Contortionist, Cooperate Executives, Cultivator, Dentist, Detective, Doctor, Economist, Electrician, Factory Worker, Farmer, Field Correspondent, Fire-fighter, Fireman, Fisherman, Flight Instructor, Fruit Vendor, Garbage Man, Gardener, General Practitioner, Girl Cop, janitor, judge, Juggler, Laundrywoman, Lawyer, Librarian, Linesman, Lumberman, Magician, Manual Labourer, Masseuse, Mechanics, Medical Practitioner, Meteorologist, Midwife, Milkmaid, Miner, Music Director, Musician, Nature Photographer, Nurse, Oceanographer, Optician, Paediatrician, Park Security, Physiotherapist, Pilots, Plantation Farmer, Plumber, Police on duty, Policeman, Politician, Postman, Potter, Professor, Programmer, Puppeteer, Real ESTATE Agent, Receptionist, Referee, Reverend, Rice Farmers, Sailor, Scientist, Sculptor, Secretary, Security Guards, Server, Shepherd, Shopkeeper,  Soldier, Spy, Street Beggar, SUNDAY Preacher, Surgeon, Tailor, Talk Show Host, Teacher, Tour Guide, Traffic Policeman, Treasure thief, Trophy Hunter, Truck Driver, Trumpeter, Vaccinator, Veterinary Doctor, Watchman, Wielder, Wildlife Photographer, Window Cleaner, Zookeeper, Zoologist

Sports Vectors

Abseiling, Aerobatics, Alpine Skiing, Archery, Arm Wrestling, ATV, Badminton, Ball games 1, Ball Games 2, Baseball, Basketball, Biking, BMX, Bobsleigh, Body boarding, Bowling, Boxing training, Bull Fighting, Bull riding, Bungee Jumping, Cricket, Croquet, Cross Country Skiing, Darts, Discuss, Diving, Fencing, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Football Gadgets, Football Scrum, Football Tackle, Formula 1, Free kick, Golf, Gymnastics, Hammer Throw, Handball, Hang-gliding, High Jump, Hiking, Hooper Ballooning, Horse Racing, Hurdles, Ice Climbing, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Javelin, Jet Skiing, Jockey, Judo, Karate Fist, Karate Kick, Karate Moves, Kendo, Kickboxing, Kite Surfing, Long jump, Martial Arts, Motocross, Motorsport GP, Motorsport, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering, Netball, Olympic Torch, Olympics, Paragliding, Pole Vault, Polo Sport, Power Lifting, Pro Surfer, Relay Race, Rock Climbing, Roller Skating, Rowing, Rugby Game, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Slam dunk, Snooker/Pool, Snowboarding, Soccer, Speed Skating, Sprint, Sumo Wrestling, Sumo, Surf Sailing, Swimming, Synchronized Diving, Table Tennis, Taekwondo Trainees, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Target Shooting, Tennis, Boxing, Tight Rope Walking, Tug of War, Volleyball, Water Volleyball, Water-skiing, White-Water Rafting, Wingsuit Flying, Wok Racing, Wrestling,

Other Vectors (file names)

Aerobatics 2, Jogging, Pull Ups, Push Ups, Sit Ups, Skipping Rope,  Super Athlete  Drink, A bedbug, A bit reluctant, A flea, a housefly, a louse, a mite, a mosquito, a tick, cold winter, African village, animal intelligence test, Mother with Baby, Bad Boss 2, Bathing in money, angry dog, big bomb 1, big bomb 2, big bomb 3, big bomb 4, Bodybuilders Show, Caesar Throne, Camel, Cave men Fight, Cave Rocks, Caveman with Club, Caveman with Spear, Cowboy Gunfight, Crying Baby, Death Penalty 1, Death Penalty 2, Death Penalty 3, Death Penalty 4, Death Penalty 5, Desert Landscape, Dog Bone, Donkey Kick, Donkey, Doom Spray, Drug Abused, Dynamite, Emergency Airdrop, Endless Scorn, Farmer with Buffalo, Firepower of the Cannon, Flags of the radicals, Food for the Young, Gun Point, Heavy Airlift, History of the Locomotive, History of the telephone 1, History of the telephone 2, History of the telephone 3, History of the telephone 4, Horrors of the trenches, Horse, Hostile Neighborhood, Hugging for Comfort, ICBM, Interracial Couples, Japanese relaxation, Jihadi Rule of Brutality, Kidnapper on the loose, Kids Playground, Landmine, Lethal Shock, Llama, Machine Gun Soldier, Medieval Explosives, Military Airplanes 1, Military Airplanes 2, Military Airplanes 3, Military Airplanes 4, Military Vehicles 1, Military Vehicles 2, Military Vehicles 3, Military Vehicles 4, Money on trees, Money Rain, My Good Genie, Odd Couples 2,Online Dating 1, Online Dating 2, Parrot Voice, Plough Oxen, Professor with his books, Recreational Helicopters 1, Recreational Helicopters 2, Recreational Helicopters 3, Recreational Helicopters 4, Revolutionary war Soldiers, Rowing in the Calm Lake, RPG Gun, RPG Head, Sea Going Military Vessels 1, Sea Going Military Vessels 2, Sea Going Military Vessels 3, Sea Going Military Vessels 4, Sea Going Military Vessels 5, Soldiers on the March, Stock of Shame, Stone Age Family, Stone Age Tools 2, Stone Age Tools 3, Stone Age tools 4, Super Hero on the Globe,  Swordsmen in Combat, Tank Commander, The Checklist, The Elephant, The Giraffe, The Golden Egg, The Grenade, The Leopard, The Rhino, The Super Constellation, Thrown into the Air, Tired Pack Animals, Tsetse Fly, Ultimate Lockdown, Vulture Food, Walking in the Storm, Watching out in the distance, Water Buffalo, World War 2 Aircrafts 1, World War 2 Aircrafts 2, World War 2 Aircrafts 3, Worming Up A Bit,100 Meters Dash, A little tired, A toss of Blood, aim and shoot, Air Chimp, Alien Spacecraft’s, Amazon Woman, Ambitious kids 1-12, Ancient Egypt 1-3, Ancient Egyptian Art 1-3, Ancient Egyptian deities, Ancient Egyptian Treasure, Ancient Site, Animal Products 1-9, Arm Wrestle, Asian Farmers, At the airport 1-4, bad boss, balloon lift, belly dancer 1-2, Bird Beak, birds selfie, birthday balloons, Board meeting, bookworm 1-2, Bowing Respect, Brewing Honey, Bridge in the Skies, bug killing mission, bugs eyes, building the sand castle, bully boy, burglar proofing, busy motorway, busy octopus, camping expedition1-2, candy beach, checking weight 1-2, Chill, Chilling out in the Pond, Charlie’s Chicken, Christian Symbols, Clean Contortions, Clothes to Hang, Coffee Cup, Con Mans Game, Cool Office, Cosy Living Room, Couch Potatoes’, Cowboy Tools, Crossing with the Elderly, Cultures of the World 1-3, Dating Night, de love birds 1-5, desert traveller, DNA Strand, Doctor Pills, Dumber Truck, Early Communications 1-3, Egyptian Mummy 1-2, Enjoying Toon music, Evening ballooning 1-2, Exercise Bike, Extreme Workout 1-2, Face Off, First aid boy, first kick, fish foods, flying lessons 1-2, follow the leader, footsteps 1-2, forward march, frogs swimming pool, Fun Flying, Girl Cop, give a hug, grandpa with the baby, granny on his way, Granny’s Special Box, Great Motor GP, greatly disappointed, hand digging tools, Highway into the Mountains, Homeless Man, Hot Sunny Day, Hot water Bath, Ice Cold Drink, in the long queue, jungle parachute, Languages of the world, Lawn Mowing, lightning strike, lion family, Lion Grooming, Little Chopper, Little King, Lords of the Sea, Love Bunnies, Lumbering tools, Luxury Island 1-4, man on the moon, masonry tools, medallion of Caesar, Medals of Honor, meditating Monk, Meditating time, men’s beard styles 1-2, Monkey boy on the desktop, Mr Gyme Clark, Mr. rich guy, Mr. robot, mummy face 1-2, my bathroom 1-2,  my flower garden, My Gold Ring, my most tempting moment, my pet friend, nursing injuries, odd couples, on the high horse, on my travel 1-2, on the dance floor, on the high seas, On the move, on the wheelchair, our first parents, outraged girl, painting class, parts of a computer, pet animals, playing cards, plugged in, police chase, precious gems 1-3, prison break, proud peacock, Quiet Nightmare, Raging Bushfires, Rainy Day, Religious man 1-4, Robot Servants 1-2, shark beach, sick in bed 1-2, signing the treaty, sitting on the fence, snake charmer, speed bike, stone age tools 1-4, street arrests, stretching exercises 1-2, strongman 1-2, super fast mail 1-2, super slow mail, surfing moments, surfing sharks  1-2,sweet juice, swimming lessons 1-3, tai chi master, telephone evolution, temple guardians, temple mount, The Arabs 1-2, The Bootlicker, The Boxing Champion 1-4, The Buffalo Versus the dragon, The dragon Around the Globe, The Dragon with the Globe, The Farmer and the metal Horse, the fearsome knight Templar, the frog king 1-2, the ghost in the darkness, the hunter 1-2, the jailbird, the kick boxer, the Mighty Eagle, The Silly dogfight, the vaccine, the wood cutter 1-3, the year of the great draught, thumbs up thumbs down, tight rope, tools of war 1-2, tracking the footsteps, traffic jammer, trapped, trash rat, tribal chief, Tribal Dance 1-2, Tribal Fishing, Tribal Mask, Tribal Rituals, Trophy SHOP, tropical Fruits 1-3, types of combs, umbrella lift, Up the wall, Valentine Gifts 1-2, Waking Hours, Walking on Stilts, Warrior Monk, Warrior of the Savannah, Warrior Woman 1-4, Watching TV, weighing the baby, Winds Blowing Over, Wing Cover, Workshop Tools 1-2, wrestling giants, Young Graduates.

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